My Opinion On: Punishment

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First off, let me say that nobody is perfect, okay? Some people may seem perfect, but that may mean that the observer doesn’t know the whole story. This is the life lesson of the day, so please remember it!

A lot of people, in my experience, find me to be an angel. I’m not conceited, I promise! Why, then was I grounded for today? A lovely Saturday, nonetheless? Perhaps I yelled at my parents? Maybe I was overly rude and disobedient?

No, of course not, silly. I didn’t brush my teeth when my mom told me to. Don’t get it wrong, I did end up brush my teeth without a fight anyway, but that’s a fair punishment, right? Right?!


What Makes a Punishment “Fair?”:

Image result for punishment clipartIt’s really quite simple: A punishment should be as severe as the deed deserving of the punishment. It would be like a death sentence for hitting someone playfully, if done incorrectly. I know kids who can get away with yelling at their parents without getting grounded. In fact, one of these kids lives with me! But no, let’s ground Shane on a Saturday! Ugh, fine. I didn’t want to do anything today anyway…


Why Punish?:

As painfully unfair as punishment may be sometimes, it is still very necessary for learning. Maybe not the best way…but still! Children learn much more from bad than they do from good. I understand that I was grounded so as to learn my place and not minimally disobey, but it just seems a little extreme to me to do it for so long. I get that it may not seem that long to a reader, but it is. Understanding the punishment is the first step in learning not to get punished.


Yay. I got grounded. Fun. In all honesty, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t fun. Oh well, I’ll have one of these next week on a certain upcoming show that’s been announced in school a few times: Beauty and the Beast! Come see it on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of February. It not only helps out the school, but it is also looking to be one of our best shows yet! See y’all next week!

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My Opinion On: Punishment