My Opinion On: “the Musical Jr.”

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Beauty and the Beast was the middle school production this year, and I was lucky enough to be cast in it. A main role, nonetheless! Also, I’m sorry about the mistake in the “Times New Roman-The Font” edition of this series talking about the font that the article is presented in. My mistake, it isn’t displayed the same in the news website as it is while typing the article. Anyway, this show has been quite the experience, let me tell you! I enjoyed the role of Maurice, also known as Belle’s father. It was amazing.

The Show Itself:

It’s the basic Beauty and the Beast spiel. Major differences go tho character depth and lore development, with Disney’s newest movie winning out in those categories. This musical, being geared towards younger audiences, has many more comedic moments to be enjoyed. It’s a nice show to just watch, but the movie is much better if you want most, if not all, of your questions answered. I liked playing Maurice a lot, and many other main characters are very lighthearted with amazing comedic “bits” that they do/can do.

Backstage Access:

Although most of the show seems to go on, well, onstage, most memories had during shows are the tiny hiccups in how the scenes go or the things that go on backstage. From drama to simple goofing, which, might I add, is probably one of the most out-of-hand things from this show, all of it is found here. Occasionally a prop will break, or a costume will rip, and people will freak out, but most of the time jokes and references are made backstage. My favorite is “Cogsworth and Maurice,” to replace “Beauty and the Beast.” I wonder if there’s a picture of that that exists…


Related image

Meaning we created it here at JWPMS! It’s our joke! Sometimes we dance backstage, and most of the time we sing, too.


I’m going to miss this show. So many memories and so much love went into this show. If you didn’t see it live this weekend, we have it on Blu-Ray DVD if you still want to see it. When we put on a production, the final product is the culmination of our love for theater, our hard work, and everything that we had done to get to that point. In the show, everyone matters, main cast, ensemble, or stage crew. If anyone wants to join theater, you can always do the show next year, or you can do a show locally, like at the Erie Playhouse. All you need to do is try, and believe me, nobody will turn you down. I’ll see you next week. Goodbye, everyone, goodbye, Beauty and the Beast, goodbye, Maurice. Another time, perhaps.


One can tell the time/One invented rhyme/Cogsworth and Maurice

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My Opinion On: “the Musical Jr.”