My Opinion On: Taking a Loss

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Yes, yes it does.

So…, I may have taken a small vacation, and I was going to write about it, but this weekend, I went to my first MathCounts competition. Life changing, I know. It was, though! Also, I will be publishing 2 articles tonight, I promise.

“Shane, we get it!”

Okay. Let’s get to the actual topic at hand. “Taking a Loss?” We came in 3rd as a school, didn’t we?

Sorta…but not really. Our top four players came in third, and as myself, I feel that I could’ve done, and should’ve done, much better.

What Happened?:

After the competition, I did something I haven’t done in a long, long time. I had a nice, long cry. Why, you may ask, if our team did so well, did I cry? I cried because I did poorly, or at least not as well as I wanted to do. I didn’t feel good about our  win, by technicality. I feel fine now, but still, I couldn’t feel good for my teammates. Something inside hurt and said, “No, you cannot feel good for your friends.” You could say that I took a loss badly.

How to Take a Loss:

To take a loss, follow these simple steps:

-Show that, in your mind, you care that your team did well

-Don’t cry until you are out of sight of those who may interpret it incorrectly as jealousy

-Cry a good, well, long cry to get over the loss

-(opt.) Talk about it

Follow these steps carefully, and you will get over your loss. You may have your own way to cope with defeat, so you can use that if you want.


Well, that could’ve been lighter in tone for a return. Oh, well. Because I’m doing two articles, the other one on Valentine’s Day, it should be fine. Well, time for round two! Ready? Set? MATH! (And write, too!)

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My Opinion On: Taking a Loss