My Opinion On: “Love is in the Air!”

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Yeah, “love is in the air.” Maybe, like, a week and a half ago. Yup! This week’s second topic, yes, second, is Valentine’s Day! I’m only a tad late, really. What do I think about Valentine’s Day? I’m not going to tell you in this sentence, you dolt! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

What is Valentine’s Day?:

Where have you been? Valentine’s Day is a highly-commercialized holiday in which people express their love for each other, but in the mushiest way possible. Cards, sweets, roses, you name it! It originated when a man by the name of St. Valentine acted as a priest to marriages forbidden by an emperor who wanted a big army. Then he was executed for it. Hey, I never said that it as a happy story, okay? People often get their significant others something nice to express their love, or they ask out a person they like.

What Do I Think?:

Honestly, I find it kinda cheesey. I mean, it’s silly how people put so much stress on it. Thank goodness I wasn’t asked out!  Another lonely Valentine’s. Yay…..Anyway, it’s just a silly holiday. I just find that it’s not even a holiday, per say. You don’t get out of school or work, but it gave me an amazing reason to wear a tuxedo to school.


Well, the time of love is over until the next school dance…oh dear. It’s going to be okay. I’m sure that some of you will probably find someone, maybe. Oh, well, I hope y’all enjoyed this two-in-a-week article bonanza…or something. See you guys next week!

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My Opinion On: “Love is in the Air!”