My Opinion On: Game Websites

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Image result for coolmath     So, we all use these, right? These silly little websites with fun little games. Well, I have some gropes with these websites. I mean, they can’t be that good, considering they’re just collections of short Flash games.

What’s So Wrong?:

Nothing much, really. Only that THEY”RE ALL CLONES OF EACH OTHER! Sorry, it’s just that a lot of the games on these sites are simply clones. Looking at Coolmath, we can see the game Color Circles is literally a worse clone of Color Switch, the famous iOS/Android app. Literally.  It’s kinda disappointing that these sites are revered as amazing websites for us. Really, they’re not.

How to Improve?:

Coolmath, along with other offenders, like Kizi, could check for clones. This is called “quality control,” for all those who don’t know. It seems easy, right? How many people work on these sites on average, anyway…well, I can’t bother with it now, but I’m sure they must be maintained by a group, at least. They could also play games to gauge difficulty for those who want to know. They tried to categorize the games into genres, but they used weird names like “Be the Hero” and “Run and Jump.” They could add the actual names of the genres with their weird ones, or they could eliminate their weird names altogether. These are some hilariously simple ways that these people can make a better site.


Sorry for the shorter article this week, guys. If you guys want to tell me what to give my opinion on, you can comment or tell me in real life! I’m not running out of ideas or anything…heh…heh…Well, I’ll write again next week! Bye!

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My Opinion On: Game Websites