My Opinion On: Performing in Shows

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Related imageHave I ever talked about my love for acting and performing? I have, but not specifically, more like a mini-tangent I went off on? Perfect! If you personally know me, you know about my ever-busy schedule with all of my rehearsals for all my various shows. Performing is basically amazing, no doubt about that in my mind.

What Makes It So Good?:

I believe that many things make the acting experience absolutely amazing, but most of all, the best part are the friends you make. Theater Kids, kids who love acting, performing, singing, etc., are super easy to make friends with, as they’re normally very kind, outgoing, and understanding. It’s really sad when a show closes and you have to leave all of the people you’ve worked with and bonded with behind. These cast-mates become a type of family, the kind that loves you and cares for you. It’s beautiful when you think about it; that complete strangers can become close like family to you.

It’s Not All Fun and Games:

Although the pros of acting heavily outweigh them, the cons must be addressed. First of all, any production requires lots of dedication and commitment, which can be difficult for busier people. Not only that, but getting into a show is never guaranteed. Additionally, even if you do get in, you might not get the part you want. In this case, make the best of your role. If you play an ensemble member, make up a story for your character. Give them a personality and a relationship with other characters. It won’t only make the experience more fun, but it will also make the character fit better into the story.

You know what? Theater is my favorite activity to just pour hours and hours into, right next to gaming and watching YouTube. Really, I would recommend to literally everyone I know to take up acting. It’s a fun, easy way to get exercise, make friends, and just embrace yourself,  mistakes and all. Also, I would like to say now that all the Grade Levels will be coming to see the Talent Show in May, so keep an eye out for me, ‘kay? Finally, I’d like to invite everyone to come see Junie B. Jones Jr. at the Erie Playhouse in May. For more information on that, go to:

The show dates are posted there! See you guys next week!


(If you’re curious about my role in Junie B. Jones Jr.,  I’m the “Queen of Snacks.” You can find the cast list for more information. It’s at the same link.)

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My Opinion On: Performing in Shows