My Opinion On: Acne

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(No Picture. It’s Too Nasty)

So, acne really sucks. Unfortunately, no matter how lucky you are, you’ll get acne. Even if you wash your face. It’s just a fact of life.

What’s So Bad About It?:

First of all, acne is not handsome or pretty. It goes from a skin-tone bump to a red hill on your face to a white-topped mountain. Not only is it ugly, but it also is disgusting. When a pimple pops, it oozes a liquid called “pus” and then bleeds. It’s really quite nasty, and it’s also a huge inconvenience. Once the eye of it develops, skin forms around the eye and makes a very difficult-to-remove pimple. IT ALSO REALLY GOLLY-GOSHING HURTS! Seriously speaking, getting one in a bad spot can really hurt. Can you tell I’ve had some experience with these annoying little buggers?

How to Prevent/Remove Acne:

To remove acne, you have to pop the acne itself, which, as previously mentioned, is positively nasty. Once it’s popped, you have to remove the eye bye pushing/digging it out, which really, really, really, hurts. Like, a lot. Then all you do is keep the pimple-free area clean and hope for the best. To try to prevent this horror known as “acne,” one must wash his or her face daily multiple times. I normally wash in the morning when I brush my teeth and floss, same as with nighttime. Of course, my face, well mainly my nose, is still covered in pimples. Maybe y’all shouldn’t listen to me anyway…


Well, another exciting article from me, I guess. I’ve got some reflective pieces planned for the end of the year, so be on the lookout for those. Also, don’t forget about Junie B. Jones Jr., the show that I’m in! Opening night is on Friday, May 11th, and there are shows that weekend and the following one. I hope to see everyone there! I’ll write again next week!

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My Opinion On: Acne