My Opinion On: The Spring Band Concert (Even Though it was Last Week)

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Image result for band clipartOkay, I may have forgotten about the concert when it had come time for some writing, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth talking about! some pretty crazy things happened that night, so I just want to write about it. I was even going to write about it earlier in the week, just to keep it a somewhat relevant topic, but here we are after on hectic Tech Week of Junie B., which, by the way, y’all should come and see. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

The Who and What and Where:

So, on Thursday last week, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bands had their concerts, but we’re just going to be talking  about 7th grade, ‘kay? 6th and 8th were good, but I wasn’t in either. Anyway, we got to the High School Auditorium to perform, but most of our percussionists weren’t at the concert because of, uh, reasons. *cough*theyskippedforabasketballgamethattheyonlywatched*cough* We were in a pickle without our percussionists.

The Day is Kind of Saved!:

To solve our lack of percussionists, Mr. Roden, our conductor, band teacher, and only thing that kept us together, was, instead of guiding us at the front of the band, tasked with playing percussion in the back. In other words, we were playing conductorless. Let me write that again: conductorless. We weren’t prepared for this, and he played more than we had first expected when he said he was going to do it. With the percussionists we had, who played amazingly in the face of adversity, we somehow pulled through with only a minor crash landing at the beginning of the final song.


Pretty cool, huh? Enough practice can make you able to do amazing things like that. Next week I’ll definitely write about Junie B. Jones. I’ve been teasing about it for a while, haven’t I? See you then!

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My Opinion On: The Spring Band Concert (Even Though it was Last Week)