My Opinion On: Junie B. Jones, The Choral Concert, and The Talent Show

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I’ve had a pretty busy month. So, it’s not like I’ve had loads of time to write these articles. I got a lot of stories to tell about these performances, so stay tuned. Hopefully, the wait was worth it.

Junie B. Jones:

Where to start? Well, if you missed it, I played a lunch lady in the show, Gladys Gutzman, Queen of Snacks. Lady. It was quite an experience, and I enjoyed it way too much. I only had a good 15 minutes of fame in the show, but the choreography was fun, the music was good, and I had a great time with the cast and crew. You should definitely check out the music, if you’re interested.

The Choral Concert:

I got to MC! Oh, and if you don’t know what MC-ing is, it’s basically coming up to the microphone in between songs and saying things about the song. I wrote just about the whole script, for about 20 songs, and it was pretty fun to do for all three grades. Maybe I’ll do it next year…

The Talent Show:

Honestly, it’s not the same as doing a musical. I don’t think it had the same “family” feeling as a musical does, probably because of the very few rehearsals we had together. We really didn’t have many rehearsals at all. If I’m going to do it again, I really want to MC for it, since that has always seemed the most fun of all.


Well, I have another article to write for today, and maybe I’ll write this week’s article as well. Probably not, though.

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My Opinion On: Junie B. Jones, The Choral Concert, and The Talent Show