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Image result for time travelIt’s been quite a whirlwind adventure since November, hasn’t it? This has been my first ever weekly, okay, most of the time, series, and that’s pretty cool. What have I done right this year, and what could’ve been done better? Let’s reflect, shall we?


The formatting of this series had a rocky start. If you look back at “My Opinion On: Sonic the Hedgehog,” I legit had no formatting. In that article, I just wrote until I had gotten to the present. I was really just ranting with no form of containment. Nowadays, I have my nice bolded, underlined headings. Also, pictures used to be different. I used to use them a lot, but now there’s only, like, one picture per article.


My humor used to be very reserved in this series. Now, it’s super dry, like the kind of humor Dad would use. Honestly, I really didn’t want to offend anyone, but now I think I can joke at the expense of my audience sometimes, if I even have an audience. I’m still not entirely sure if anyone reads these. Oh well. I think I like this style of humor more, anyways.


These guys used to get long. Like, long long. Presently, these articles get up to around 200-300+ words, which is still about 150 words more than the other articles on this site. That’s right, I’m throwing some mad shade! Anyway, I think the more “short and sweet” style is better for this series, since nobody wants to hear anyone rant about their opinions on the internet for too long.


Well, I have one last article left for this year, since I’m not going to do one for that last “week” of school. This is my penultimate article for this year, so I really think this kind of reflective editorial was good to make. See you guys next week.

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My Opinion On: “My Opinion On:”