My Opinion On: Myself

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Image result for closing curtainsWell, looks like this is it. My final “My Opinion On:” It’s been quite the almost-year, hasn’t it? I’ll miss this series, most definitely, but I’m not sure I’ll be revisiting this one any time in the future. Maybe I will, though. I don’t know. I was going to get people who know me to each give a word to describe me, but I unfortunately didn’t get to do that. Well, perhaps the one who knows you the best, flaws and all, is yourself.


I have bad habits.

I waste my time.

I’m kinda rude.

I sound like I’m always flirting.

I’m way too outgoing.


I’m smart.

I’m kind.

I admit my flaws.

have flaws.

I’m funny.


This was the last article of my year. I really enjoyed making these articles, even if nobody read them. I’m kinda sorry that it was so short, but I don’t think I needed it to be long. I hope everyone enjoyed this year, because I did. It’s probably been the best year of my life. Goodbye, everyone. I’ll see you next year.


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My Opinion On: Myself