A little bit about Mr.Marafine


Lillian Slate, Editor

  Here at JWPMS Mr. Marafine teaches fifth grade health and teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grade PE.  After teaching at Edinboro Elementary for nine years he decided that he was ready to make a bigger impact on students and decided to come work us at Parker Middle School.  “ The things I enjoy most about teaching are working with kids and having them learn and develop new skills in gym class also to help them learn new concepts in health and how to be a healthy person.” ,Mr.Marafine said.  He went to Kent state for college with a football scholarship!  This is his 10th year teaching kids.  On his free time he enjoys working out, hunting, and anything outdoors.  He also enjoys walking his two rescue dogs, Duke and Athena. Last he likes to kayak.  Mr. Marafine loves the Steelers and clearly defined that he hates the Browns!  One last thing about him is that he loves burgers and fries!  The Middle school is so happy to have him and is excited for another amazing year😁.