General McLane Homcoming Football Game

Owen Eisert, Editor

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General McLane Lancers had a AWESOME game against Fort LeBoeuf. The score for the game was 35-7 and the Lancers won. The players of the game are #24 Brett Horn, #35 Billy Jukes and #9 Luke Dillon. Fort LeBoeuf had a total of 55 plays with 11 first downs. The Lancers only had 17 plays with 7 first downs! General McLane had 3 penalties for 20 yards, and the Bison had only 1 penalty for 5 yards. The Lancers had 18:23 minutes of possession and the Bisons had 29:37 minutes of possession.


Some Important Plays of the Games

  • Ryan Harvey got a fumble recovery to get the ball on the Fort LeBoeuf 41 (Lancers Ball).
  • Luke Dillon with a 20 yard touchdown and he made the extra point (7-0 Lancers).
  • On 4th down #4 Dominic West blocked the punt the and one of the players on Fort LeBoeuf picked up the ball and got 1 yard short of the first down so Lancers on the 23 yard line.
  • 3 yard touchdown by Brett Horn for the Lancers, Luke Dillon makes the extra point (14-0 Lancers).

End of the First

  •  Ben Howe Jones with a 27 yard touchdown! Luke Dillon makes the extra point (Lancers 21-0).
  • Another blocked punt by Dominic West and recovered by Luke Dillon on LeBoeuf 29.
  • Dominic West with a 29 yard touchdown! Luke Dillon makes the extra point (28-0).
  • Luke Dillon was forced to punt and punts its to the Fortlabuf 20 yard line.

Halftime (Lancers lead 28-0)

  •  Brett Horn gets another Lancer 3 yard touchdown! The extra point by Luke Dillon is good (35-0 Lancers).

End of the 3 Quarter (Lancers lead 35-0)

  •  4th and 9 for Fort LeBoeuf and they go for it and there was a fumble in the backfield recovered by the Lancers! 1st and 10 on the 27 yard line.
  • Fort LeBoeuf  gets the back by forcing a fumble and are on the 36 yard line.
  • Fort LeBoeuf scored a 18 yard touchdown on a inside run and made the extra point (35-7 Lancers).
  • Luke Dillon is forced to punt and punted it to the 19 yard line on the Fortlabuf side of the field.

The Game is Over. Lancers won 35-7 against Fort LeBoeuf!


                                 The stats for the game

Pictures are taken off of Max Preps.