Do you think school starts too early?

Lillian Slate, Editor

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• Kids should get at least 10 too 12 hours of sleep on a school night according to many different websites on the internet.

• According to Kaplan Online, later starts for school help kids get higher grades, better moods, and help kids stay more safe.

• Some websites even think that sleep is as important as nutrients (I THINK THAT TOO).


• “ I think we should make school time later because I play basketball and sometimes the games last till nine and then it can still be half an hour drive home. Then, I still have to get ready for bed, take a shower,  do homework, and that puts me in bed around 10:00 ”, Libby Weiss said.


• Yes, I think school should start later. I do dance and a lot of times I get out really late and then when I get home I still have to eat dinner, do homework, and take a shower so that puts me in bed around 10:30 and I get up at six. That is only seven and a half hours of sleep which is still a few hours away from the amount of sleep I should get. Also the next day at school I get very tired.