Star Wars The Last Jedi Review

Luke, Editor

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I think that Star Wars, The Last Jedi is a great movie. This is the movie after The Force Awakens. I think it is a good movie because there is a lot of  unexpected things that happen in this movie. There is a lot of action in this movie if you like that kind of stuff. Also, the most unlikely things that you would not think would happen happened in this movie. The biggest enemies team up in this movie. If you like Luke Skywalker, and if you thought he was skilled before, wait until you see him in this movie. This movie is also very funny with a bunch of new creatures with peculiar behavior. They are hilarious. I really do think it was a great movie. Definitely recommend this to friends and family it is definitely a 5 Star movie. Leave your opinion down in the comment section below. Here are a couple movie trailers for you to watch.