They should be allowed to take home their iPads!


Remy, Maryauna

We went around asking people what they think about 7th and 8th graders being allowed to take home their iPads, and what their punishment should be if they forget them at home.  We asked many people what they thought.  Students, teachers, and the principals were interviewed and they answered with many different amazing answers. If you want to see what some of them had to say then read on.   

       We asked multiple people what they thought if 7th and 8th grade were aloud to bring home there iPads. One person who we got an amazing answer from was Dr. Brown. She answered with, “I think all middle school children should be allowed to take  home their ipads. I think it’s a missed opportunity for kids to get their homework done, but if they sign a waiver that says they can take care of it then that proves they are willing to try. Plus most kids already have technology at home and they can take care of that.  It won’t be very helpful for the kids who don’t have WiFi at home.


      There are also some people who did not like the idea, Mr. Whitford and a kid named Scout thought it was a bad idea because, they thought it was not a good idea for middle schoolers to have that responsibility. Mr. Whitford said, “maybe it would be good for the 8th graders to have them to be prepared for high school.”

      I think it is a good idea for both 7th and 8th grade to be able to bring their Ipads home.  I think this because, it might make them very responsible. Also it will help get them prepared for high school ahead of time.  Even if they forget it at home they can sign a paper showing they are willing to pay the price. 


     Hopefully sometime in the future they will ask others what they think, they might even let 7th and 8th graders take them home.  I hope you liked What people had to say. Thanks for reading