Abe’s 5 simple questions!

Abe Schoenfeldt, Author

Tucker Bryson 6th grade…🍳

History or Math? Math, because it’s fun!🧮

Summer or winter? Summer, Because there is no school and he likes the weather🌤

Mechanical or Normal pencils? Mechanical, he likes the durability💪

Soda or Water? Soda, he likes the taste and all the different flavors🤯

Fruit or Veggies? Fruit, more juiciness and wholesome!👏


Davide Bruno 5th grade…🦷

Math or Summer? Math, likes how easy it is. 👍

Winter or Summer? Winter, he likes to snowboard🏂

Mechanical or Normal pencils? Mechanical, easier to write with🧩

Soda or Water? Soda, it’s unhealthy but it tastes so good.🎮

Fruit or Veggies? Fruit, so so juicy!🍇


Hayden Chong 🐚 6th grade

Math or History? Math, is very good at it. 🍄

Summer or Winter? Summer, no school and no work 🧠

Mechanical or Normal pencils? Mechanical, you don’t need to sharpen them🤡

Water or Soda? Water, it’s nice and healthy👂

Fruit or Veggies? Fruit because they are super tasty 😈


Baily Ferry, 8th grade 🙀

History or Math? History, she likes to learn about things that happened before she was born.☠️

Winter or Summer? Winter, doesn’t like to sweat🥨

Mechanical or Normal pencils? Mechanical, they’re pretty👓

Water or Soda? Water, it’s good for your soul🦐

Fruit or Veggies? Fruit, it’s sweet and tastes sugary🦔


Callie Travitz 5th grade🦕

Math or History? Math, it’s entertaining🕸

Winter or Summer? You can drink hot chocolate 🐈

Normal or mechanical pencils? Mechanical, it’s easier to click down than sharpen. 🐟

Water or Soda? Water, soda gives her headaches 🏹

Fruit or Veggies? Fruit, veggies are wired tasting🚗