Liam’s 5 Simple Questions


Liam Webber, Author

Ms. Nickou- 7th grade algebra 1


1.). Snowboarding or skiing? Why?

Cross Country Skiing!  Love being in the woods in the winter

2.)  Fall or winter? Why?

Fall – winter is coming soon!

3.) Marvel or DC? Why?

Marvel- I like the movies

4.) Cross country or track? Why?

Cross Country – Love being in the woods in the fall!

5.)  Hunting or fishing? Why?

neither, especially not fishing, fish are gross.


Ms. Christensen-

Skiing or snowboarding? Why?

I have been skiing for 18 years.

Fall or spring? Why?

I love fall because  I love the changing color of the leaves and it’s harvest time.

Marvel or DC?  Why?

I guess Marvel. I don’t really have a preference.

Cross country or track? Why?

I don’t like either, running for fun is not my bag.

Hunting or fishing? Why?

I like both.  Fish and venison are tasty, but I only have fished