5 Quick Questions

Emma Dubynskiy, Author

What is your favorite Holiday?  I love Christmas.

What is your opinion on kids taking their iPads home?  I think it is a great idea for students to take iPads home as long as they are responsible with using them.

Do you think teachers should be able to take their students outside at tutorial?  Although I also enjoy some fresh air, I have found students are getting assignments completed and tests made up due to having our tutorial time.  I believe students’ grades improve when tutorial is used properly.

What do you think is the most beneficial school course that we have?  Language Arts is the most beneficial class! 🙂

Do you think school should start a little later?

I have mixed ideas on this topic. In the morning I would answer saying we need school to start later!  However, when the school day is over, I love that I have more time to do things with my family in the later afternoon/evening.