Deserted Island


The Lancer Messenger staff sent out emails to as many teachers as we could to find out, what specific items would they want with them on a deserted island?

We asked them what favorite music artists, books, and movies they would like to be stuck with  Here are their answers.

Dr. Brown

Book: I’d like the book, The Testaments. It is a follow up book that looks amazing!

Musician or Band: I really love all music…depends on my mood. I go to Rufus Wainwright when I am feeling relaxed, Foo Fighters when I’m working out…and R&B when I’m feeling silly. 

Movies: I want to view the movies Harriet and The Goldfinch. 



Mr. Triola

Book:  I would like to take the book “World War Z”.  It is about zombies and fun to read.  Very good for taking your mind off of things.

Musician or Band: I would listen to Panic at the Disco, or maybe Mumford and Sons, but mostly Panic.

Movies: For my movies I would want, “The Book of Eli”, “Jurassic Park”, and “The Kingdom”



Mrs. Cannon

Book: Bucket list adventures: 10 incredible journeys to experience..

Musician or Band: Reba McEntire

Movies: Any Hallmark Movie.





Miss Ferraro

Book: This is really hard, I love reading. I love reading series, but if I had to choose just one single book, I would choose Scythe by Neil Shusterman.

Musician or Band: I would like to listen to My Chemical Romance and Eminem

Movies: I would want to have Aladdin, Forrest Gump, and Gladiator



Mrs Hayes

Book: Any book from Jodi Picoult

Musician or Band: Zac Brown Band

Movies: Beauty and the Beast (Disney and Live Action)





Mrs. Tuttle

Book: Bible

Musician or Band: Tim McGraw

Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Wedding Crashers, It’s a Wonderful Life



Mrs. Swanseger

Book: I would choose Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I love the Harry Potter Series!

Musician or Band: I am not huge into music but if I had to choose maybe I would choose something from my past, New Kids on the Block. I have such great memories listening to their music and  I could totally rock out into signing and dancing with them!

Movies: The three movies I would take with me are Shashenk Redemption, The Patriot, and The Little Mermaid.



Mrs. Brozich

Book: A copy of The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah

Musician or Band: The Imagine Dragons

Movies: The following movies: Forrest Gump, Hook, and Thor: Ragnarok




Mr. Buto

Book: The Bible

Musician or Group: Toby Mac

Movies: The Lord of the Rings Series





Mrs. Chabola:

Book: Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

Musician or Group: Hillsong or Lauren Daigle

Movies: Sixteen Candles, Avengers, Star Wars



Mrs. McCollum

Book: The Giver by Lois Lowery

Musician or Group: Justin Timberlake

Movies: Casablanca, Tangled, and Muppets Christmas Carol





Mrs. Stonis

Book: Walk Two Moons

Musician or Group: The Grateful Dead

Movies: Almost Famous, Step Brothers, Pretty in Pink




Mrs. Martin

Book: Studio Thinking From The Start: The K-8 Art Educators Handbook

Musician or Group: Ed Sheeran

Movies: Star Wars, Black Swan





Mrs. Boyd

Book: I would take the whole Harry Potter series!

Musician or Group: I like all music (sorry…..except for today’s country). So, pick one! I’ll listen to it and dance!

Movies: Disney! I love Disney! I also love horror movies so that’s a tough choice! Hmmmm……how about 2 Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast & Little Mermaid) and 1 horror (any horror)


Miss Shee

Musician or Group: Magic Giant

Movies: Rocketman (1997 version) , Any Marvel Movie, Up






Mrs. Lindenberger

Book: My Pearson Math 6 Textbook (it would give me something to do in all my free time)

Musician or Band: Kelsea Ballerini (I love the song Homecoming Queen)

Movies: BFG, Maleficent, and Lego Batman (but how would I watch these movies? If I had a phone to watch them on, I would call for help to get myself off this “Deserted Island”)


Mrs. Barbarini

Book: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

Musician or Group: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

Movies: 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, The Goonies






Mr. Everhart

Book: No question here! I would want the Bible

Musician or Group: Josh Garrells

Movies: American Graffiti, Dr. Zhivago, Forest Gump


Mrs. Long

Book: I’d pick the Physicians Desk Reference

Musician or Group: As much as I want to pick Bruce Springsteen my true answer is probably Fleetwood Mac

Movies: Oh, man, thats a hard one.. hmm.. Legends of the Fall, Legally Blonde, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone.. No Prisoner of Azkaban..

Miss Gay
Book: How To Survive on a Deserted Island (haha)
Musician or Band: The Civil Wars
Movies: Pride and Prejudice, The Goonies, and Elf
Mr. Jahn
Book: Either a book on how to build a boat or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Musician or Band: Taylor Swift

Movies: Rocky, The Lion King, Cast Away



Mr. Sturgess

Book: Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman

Musician or Band: Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

Movies: The Princess Bride, Tombstone, Hoosiers





Mr. Marafine

Book: A survival book

Musician or Band: Eric Church

Movies: Billy Maddison, The Other Guys, Happy Gilmore



Mr. Whitford

Book: I don’t have a specific book necessarily.  I would take a leadership book of some kind (whatever I am reading at the time).

Musician or Band: Probably either Hillsong United or Jason Aldean

Movies: Any of the movies from The Fast and the Furious series





Mrs. LaFatta

Book: Medical Book

Musician or Band: Gloria Gaynor, “I will survive”

Movies: Ed Wardell Survival documentary




Miss Enstrom

Book: The Notebook

Musician or Band: Luke Combs

Movies: It’s Complicated, Couples Retreat, The Dark Knight






Mrs. Stull 

Book: I would want a puzzle book to keep me entertained

Musician or Band: The Beatles

Movies: Dirty Dancing, The Little Mermaid, Austin Powers



Mrs. Lariccia

Book: Any book about a misunderstood mean person who turns out to be the nicest human I’ve ever met.

Musician or Band: The Steve Miller Band

Movies: Grease, Animal House, Jaws





Mrs. Santos

Book: Lifetime subscription to the Farmer’s Almanac

Music: This is Tricky…. Klaus Meine (Scorpions) – Wind of Change with Morten Harket, ABBA – Dancing Queen, Journey – Faithfully, aHa – Take On Me

Movie: Deerhunter, Prancer, Sopranos (the series)