John’s Wildwood Pizzeria

Johnathan Kavelish, Author

John’s Wildwood Pizzeria!

Without the mouth watering, juicy, deliciousness of John’s Wildwoods Pizza, Edinboro residents are left helpless. For 40 years John’s has been serving their amazing tasting pizza and wings. Now with the recent tragedy (John’s had a fire) has left Edinboro residents with only one place to get John’s pizza and wings and it’s from their Harborcreek location. With the Harborcreek location being so far away most people won’t drive all the way there. There is no set date for John’s to reopen, but according to the owner, it will be very soon. 

The owner before John Bellucci, was a resident of Wildwood, New Jersey. He came to Edinboro and opened John’s Wildwood Pizzeria. Now, John’s Wildwood is owned by John Bellucci. It is a common misconception that John Bellucci owned it for the 40 years since it opened it 1979.

John’s Pizzeria is one of the best pizzerias. Their dough for the pizza is soft and fluffy. On top of the crust is flour which also stains you fingers white. Everyone that ate John’s pizza knows the feel of the flour caked onto their fingers. The cheese is cooked to perfection and with the wide verity of toppings, you could have endless amounts of different kinds of pizza. Not only is the pizza good, but pizza without wings is a bad day. Luckily, with the vast selection of wings, you can have whatever your heart desires. My personal favorite; buffalo, is bathed in wonderful buffalo sauce. I’m sure all the wings taste amazing, but the buffalo is my go to wing. On a Friday night there is nothing better to do than sit down, watch tv, and chow down on John’s pizza and their buffalo wings!