PowerBeats or AirPods? Why?


Liam Webber, Author

Beats or AirPods?


Person 1: Carter S.

Answer: “Beats because I like them”

Person 2: Dan S.

Answer: “AirPods Pros because they are noise cancelling,
they are smaller, and they have adjustable silicone earpieces
so they fit in your ears better.”

Person 3: Chase

Answer: “Beats because I have them.”

Person 4: Abe
Answer: “AirPods because they’re portable and they make u look rich”

Person 5: Mr Jahn

Answer:  “I like Beats because I’ve never tried AirPods”

Person 6: Santa

Answer: “AirPods I guess because I make am
thousands of them this year”

Person 7: Curtis
Answer: “AirPods because why not”


I asked 6 kids if they like Beats or AirPods better. Most people like AirPods instead of Beats. Personally, I like Beats, but that’s only because I have Beats. I also asked Santa what he likes. He apparently likes AirPods.