Favorite Part of Christmas

Johnathan Kavelish, Author

What is your favorite part of Christmas and why?


Mrs. Stull:

My favorite part of Christmas is relaxing and spending time with

family.  I love to see the joy light up in my children’s faces with the
magic of Christmas!





                                                                              Mr. Jahn:

Being with my family because that’s what Christmas is all about bringing the family together.

Ms. Barbarini 

My favorite part of Christmas is the music and decorations.  I love
driving around looking at lights with my family and listening to Christmas music.  Spending time together is important to me and my family loves looking at decorations as much as I do.

Mrs. Brooks:

My favorite part of Christmas is spending extra time at home with my family.  This year, Henry will be fully aware of Christmas and has even started recognizing Santa and calling him “Ho, ho, ho”.  I will enjoy watching the joy of Christmas through his eyes this year.  I am looking forward to taking him to special places that I am not usually able to during school hours.