Weirdest Places On Earth

Weirdest Places On Earth


Abe Schoenfeldt, Author

Have you been searching for the perfect place to take strange photos or see the world? Well, if so, I’ve collected four of possibly the strangest places to be, starting with the hottest place on Earth

Dallol, Ethiopia 

The hottest place on earth, Dallol, is in Ethiopia and has an elevation of 130 meters above sea level, is 104 degrees Fahrenheit daily, and is extremely hot. It holds the world record for the hottest populated place on earth. There is almost no people who live here but there are minor roads being build around the edges of the place. The word Dallol was made by the Afar people and means separate or dissolution. Overall, Dallol is a very hot place to be and you wouldn’t want to wear a sweatshirt on your next trip to Ethiopia.

 Tianzi Mountains in China

No, these mountains aren’t the tallest mountains, or the hardest to climb, but they still are very cool. The Tianzi Mountains are in the Hunan Province in China, where the film Avatar was filmed. It has steep, limestone hills all over, they are very tall and hard to climb, but not the most of both. The word Tianzi means ‘Son of Heaven’, it actually looks like heaven when the tips of the mountains pop up out of the clouds. They are 1,121 meters tall, and were formed 400 million years ago. In a nutshell, they are a really cool place to visit and climb if you have the time.

Bermuda Triangle

This strange, urban legend-like place is in the North Atlantic Ocean and is also called Hurricane Alley or Devil’s Triangle. There might as well be thousands of videos about mysterious disappearances in this somewhat strange area. There are officially 917 accidents that occurred in The Bermuda Triangle, even though it is one of the most traveled on areas to deliver things to other places. In all, the Bermuda Triangle can be very scary or really cool depending on what you believe about this strange triangle.

Crooked Forest

The Crooked Forest in Poland is very weird, fitting this list perfectly. The trees were planted around the 1930s and grow at almost a ninety degree angle. If you look closely, they resemble the letter J. Nobody  really knows for sure how exactly these trees grew, some say it’s a form of witchcraft, and others say it’s just mere coincidence. The most popular reason is the trees started to grow, but then a bad snow storm occurred and shifted them. These trees look very weird, making them a perfect place to take a picture with you or your friends.









Those were a few of the strangest places on the planet Earth, from the hottest place, to the crooked forest of Poland, the Earth sure is a weird place to live.