Should Students Wear Uniforms?

Gus Brasington and Daniel Sychuk

There are many pros and cons to wearing uniforms to school and it is a common thing in some schools. Wearing uniforms is a very controversial subject with many different opinions, but most commonly schools don’t have uniforms. Only 22% of schools in America wear uniforms.


A con for wearing uniforms is that people won’t be able to express how they feel in another way.  Also you will have to wash the uniform every day unless you get more than one suit. Also if it rips you will have to pay to get another one or to get it fixed.  It will affect gym class because if your school makes you change for gym it will take a lot of time to put the film clothes on and off.  It probably won’t be be comfortable for the kids either.  Yes it would be more money to get the uniforms that you never wear at home.


Pros for wearing a uniform are people won’t make fun of you for wearing curtain cloths, or if you have holes in your cloths. You also don’t have to waste time picking out cloths. Also you can look nice every  day and be presentable to the public.  Plus you will represent your school in a fashionable way. Last, if there are twins they can wear different color uniforms from the school and you can then tell them apart.


Our opinions: Dan says that you should not wear uniforms because he wants to wear his yeezys.  Gus says you shouldn’t wear them either because he doesn’t like uniforms.