Greta Thunberg

Izzy Borrero and Maddison LaRiccia

Greta Thunberg, just 16 years old, is a youth Swedish climate activist   who has been given worldwide recognition for her efforts to fight for climate changes. She was offered to be brought to the United States to head to New York City to attend a United Nations climate-change summit there last September. She was offered by the team behind The Malizia II, because the Malizia is a high-tech racing sailboat that generates electricity using solar panels and its underwater turbines. The 60-foot boat was only made for races in the ocean and not for comfort. The boat has no toilet or shower, the passengers will need to eat freeze-dry food, and the trip is supposed to last two weeks. She chose to use this boat because she refused to fly in a plane because they produce carbons emissions that harm the planet, and she also refused to use a cruise ship because they are also big polluters. Greta says she only needs a bed and the basic things, she also says that it wasn’t that luxurious or fancy but it still would work. She has become famous for her youth movement climate awareness. Her efforts has inspired others to create climate-focused protests around the world as well.