2020 NFL Playoffs- Info/ Predictions


Charlie Salvo and Carter Sindlinger

As we know, the 2020 NFL playoffs are about to start. Many people think it will be a face-off between the Ravens and the 49ers. The AFC teams are: 1.Ravens, 2.Chiefs, 3.Patriots, 4.Texans, 5.Bills, 6.Titans. The NFC teams are: 1.49’s, 2.Packers, 3.Saints, 4.Eagles, 5.Seahawks, 6.Vikings. On “Wild Card Weekend”, or Saturday and Sunday, there were four teams eliminated. In the AFC, the Bills and the Patriots were knocked out. In the NFC, the Eagles and the Saints were knocked out. Many people worldwide are making predictions on who will make it to the super bowl and win it. We will include our predictions below.

Charlie’s Prediction:

Here are Carter’s Predictions: