Tardigrades on the Moon


Ella Vandenberg and Lexie Radtke

Tardigrades on the moon. Ever heard of that?

Lots of Tardigrades had crashed on the moon when they had boarded an Israeli spacecraft in April. The reason this is interesting is because these creatures are extremophiles. The creatures can survive in extremely low temperatures and face some of the hardest conditions. Some of the Tardigrades can be found in water conditions. They can also be found in the film of plants like lichen or moss. Since Tardigrades can live in extreme environments; they can be found in icy mountains, polar regions, the equator, and even the depths of the sea.

Tardigrades are no larger than a millimeter. They have eight legs that have claws attached to the end of them. They also consist of a brain, and a central nervous system. To feed themselves, they use their sucker – like pharynx behind their mouth that will pierce their food. The spacecraft had been given tons of Tardigrades that had been hadn’t been hydrated. They can survive in space, and even in radiation. Later when hydrated again, they would be able to come alive again for quite a few years later.

The authors of this article think the Tardigrades will survive on the moon. What do you think?