Australia Wildfire

Johnathan Kavelish, Author

In late July a dreadful fire whipped through Australia.  Six months later, the disaster still moves on.  This fire is the worst fire seen in decades.  In New South Wales 900 houses are scorched and 18 are left dead, along with a 28 year old firefighter.  Not because of the fire, but because his truck rolled over in high winds.  The high winds spread the fire faster making it a harder fire to fight.  The United States and many other countries are heading over seas to try to stop the blaze.  So far, nothing, nothing is working.  You are able to see the fire from outer space.  Even in major cities, Sydney, Melbourne, buildings are damaged.  In Sydney, the air measured 11 times above the hazard level.  Some of the many fires in Australia burn for days, others, for months.  With the major heat from the fire, it leaves a drought over the land. Some parts of Australia is above 113°F.  Over 1300 houses are destroyed with 400 damaged.  The only thing that stands in between the rest of Australia and the fire is 2000 firefighters.