Bread and Butter, the Lucky Birds


Emma Dubynskiy and Abbie Gula, Author


In this past year, many amazing things have happened, even for these two birds. Thanksgiving came around, and these two birds managed to be the lucky couple of the year. Bread and Butter are two white domesticated turkeys, that got saved from their nightmare… the chopping block.

President Donald Trump used his presidential powers to save these turkeys from their own death. After they were saved this pair were taken to live at the White House. There they met their new friends that were pardoned last year, Peas and Carrots. The people that named these two were none other than Trump himself and First Lady Melania.

These birds love to have fun! A farmer from North Carolina told the reporters how much they love music, but they really like classic rock. Bread is a 45 pound turkey that enjoys drinking Cheerwine Soda, while watching college basketball or listening to bluegrass music. While the 47 pound Butter is a fan of NASCAR, sweet potato fries, and bagpipes.

These knew known celebrities arrived in Washington D.C. and stayed two nights in the famous Willard Hotel which was a block away from the White House. These popular two were even taking a photo shoot at a press conference the next day. Then before we expected, on the 26 of November, Butter was voted the “National Thanksgiving Turkey”. Which meant he was getting the presidential pardon. Don’t worry, Bread was still safe, and was enjoying the festivities of the day.

In conclusion, the two lucky turkeys Bread and Butter lived happily ever after, far away from the chopping block.