Class Trip Memories

Class Trip Memories

The 8th graders headed off to Washington DC on March 5 for three days of learning, sightseeing, and being with friends. Trips like these can leave memories that last a lifetime which got us thinking here at the Lancer Messenger, what kind of trips have the faculty at JWPMS taken. Here are some of their answers.

Mrs. Irwin

As a high school student, (right here at GM!) I was blessed to have a chance to go to Germany with the German Club AND to Mexico City with the Spanish Club. Those experiences were very eye-opening to other cultures. I got to witness first-hand historical sites like Concentration Camps. I got to experience a 2-hour long Catholic Church service in Mexico, all in Spanish:) I remember learning just enough German to be able to order Bratwurst and ask where to find the bathroom. These are some of my favorite memories with childhood friends, and I love taking our 8th graders to DC every year because I know it’s one of the memories that will really stick with them for their whole life!



Ms. Sonney

As an 8th grader I went to DC as well.  It was the first time that we, as students, were given independence on a field trip to explore on our own.  I remember watching movies on the busses,  and how cool it was to be on a Greyhound instead of a school bus.   It was just an all around neat experience.




Mrs. Chabola 

When I was in 9th grade our Chorus Class took a trip to New York City!! It was AMAZING!!! We were able to visit the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall and watched the musical Les Miserable.

As a 9th grader,  it was so cool to be in a huge city without my parents!  Being from a small town (I am from Waterford and went to Fort LeBoeuf HS), it was a very eye opening experience because I had never been to such a big city and saw many things I hadn’t seen before.  It was definitely an experience I will never forget and hope to travel there again someday!

Mrs. Bakka
In high school I went to NYC and that was very memorable.  I remember going with my friends and getting to see lots of cool things there.  I liked going with my friends, I loved the different experiences that we had while there (seeing broadway shows, meeting the Rockettes, the museums, and riding the subway), and I loved the freedom that we had while there.
When I was in college I took a class on Greek history and then over spring break the professor organized 7 days in Greece. The trip was amazing and I learned so much!
Mrs. Lindenberger 
I enjoyed many field trips when I was a student, but the most memorable one was when I was in tenth grade.  Our class went to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.  The reason this was so memorable is the fact that we got to go on a Coach Bus (which was a treat to students back then) and we got to stay overnight in a hotel for 1 night.  The educational part of the field trip was cool, but the experience with my friends being away from home and left to makeresponsible decisions without my parents present was the best part of the trip.
Ms. Enstrom
I went to DC in 10th grade and NYC in 11th grade.  Both of these trips were very memorable in the fact that I got to spend time with my friends.  It also was my first time traveling and seeing things outside of my hometown
Dr. Brown
I went to a Catholic school that did not have a lot of money so our trips were NOT like they are here at GM. I think the BIGGEST trip we went on was to Waldameer. We didn’t even have busses, so we would carpool with kids in our class who’s parents were willing to drive and even THAT was tricky because most families did not have a car…or only had one that was shared by the entire family.
Mrs. Brown
When I was a student I remember going to the Cleveland Zoo and Rainforest in 5th grade.  I loved that trip because I have always loved animals.  In 8th grade we got to go to Six Flags, which was awesome because I LOVE rollercoasters.  When I was in 9th and 10th grades, I got to go to New York City with my high school chorus.  We got to sing at the Statue of Liberty and see some great Broadway Shows!
Mr. Buto
When I was an 8th grader here at JWPMS, we took an 8th grade class trip to Conneaute Lake Park.  I remember having an awesome time hanging out with my friends and riding rides.  I vividly remember one of my friends getting off of a spinning ride, running to the garbage can and throwing up!!!
Mrs. McCollum 
I was a student at the middle school 5th-8th grade 🙂 I was able to go to Camp Fitch and DC – they were both excellent experiences.  Mr. White (8th grade Social Studies teacher) used to have a history club as well and we would go to historical places – Gettysburg, Harper’s Ferry, and a bunch of other cool places that I cannot remember off the top of my head.  It was so cool and we would take ghost tours and we went to Busch Gardens (amusement park) on one of the trips – it was great :-).
Mr. Whitford
I have been trying to think of a memorable trip when I was in middle school, but nothing is really standing out. Our 8th grade class had typically went to Cedar Point, but that was all changed when I was in 8th grade and I can’t remember what we did instead.
Mrs. Boyd
I went to Edinboro Elementary. One field trip I really remember was going to Drakes Mill in Titusville, PA.  I think it was 4th grade when we took the trip. Drakes Mill is a museum/exhibit that talks about the beginning of the oil industry in Pennsylvania. There was also a railroad nearby where we got to take a short ride. The train ride was the most memorable trip for me! It was the first time I travelled anywhere besides in a car or school bus!
Mrs. Johnson
The only school trip that I remember going on was a trip to Conneautte Lake Park.
I remember it being a really fun day, but I was in 6th grade at JWPMS and we rode the bus with high schoolers who were much bigger and very scary.
Mr. Simmons
One of my favorite field trips was when we went to Sea World in 5th Grade.  Sea World isn’t open anymore, but it was cool to see Shamu, pet the dolphins, and all that other cool stuff.  I remember that I had a really fun time with my friends.
Ms. Shee
I was in the marching band in high school, so most of my trips are because of my participation in that. We travelled to Disney World, Chicago, and Washington D.C. I appreciate the opportunity I had to see new cities, and visit some very cool museums and landmarks, all while enjoying the company of my friends.
Mrs. Swanseger
I attended a private school in Erie for grade school. For my 8th grade trip we went to Cedar Point. We spent the entire day there. I remember how much fun I had hanging out with all of my friends and riding some of the “big” roller coasters! I remember it also raining and us getting soaked… we had a blast!  It’s always better when you’re with your friends!
Mrs. Horvath
I remember once a year we went to Conneaut Lake Amusement Park for our end of school field trip. I always had fun.  I went with a group of friends & rode all the rides. Loved the Roller coasters!
Mrs. Cannon
Where I want to school we didn’t take field trips. We only had a school picnic after school was out. That picnic was to Kennywood every year for the whole school.
Mrs. Helsley
I lived in North Carolina for three of my four high school years. In North Carolina, one of the science courses that you take is  Oceanography.  On a fun note…my teacher was the cousin of Randy Travis- who is a country music singer! At the end of the semester, you can go with your class to Wilmington, North Carolina (This is optional because your parents had to pay for your room and board). Near Wilmington, you can visit beaches nearby. My class took the school bus to Wilmington and Carolina Beach for 4 days. We visited an aquarium, visited marshes, studied the ocean life, and conducted some experiments. We stayed in a hotel room with our friends. This was very memorable because at the time I was deciding on colleges and careers. Science was one of my strongest subjects in school, and I thought this gave me the experience to know whether I wanted to pursue this avenue as a career. It was also just a ton of fun to be away from my parents and hang out with friends in a cool place!!!
Mrs. Grafton
I am from north-central Pennsylvania, and I remember going on a field trip to Niagara Falls when I was in first grade. We also got to go to nearby Marineland in Ontario, Canada. It was the first time I’d seen dolphins.
I also remember taking several “reward” field trips to Watkins Glenn in New York State. We would hike up the walkway that winds through the canyon, taking in the beautiful scenic waterfalls and rock pools.
Mrs. Tuttle
When I was in sixth grade we took an overnight trip to a place called the Environmental Center.  We learned about wildlife, the environment, and ecosystems.  Also, every year our entire school district would have a day off to attend Kennywood Park which is an amusement park near Pittsburgh, PA.
Mrs. Zafiropoulos
I remember one trip that I took as a 6th grader.  We went to Conneaut Lake Amusement Park.  It was our end of year trip.  At my school the 6th grade was the highest grade in the elementary building so it was like our graduation before we moved on to middle school.  I remember the night before the trip was stormy, a lot of rain and wind.  We weren’t sure if we’d be going the next day.  We did finally go, but when we arrived some of the rides weren’t running because part of the park did not have electricity.  We had a good time hanging out with friends and enjoying the freedom that we were given to walk through the park by ourselves.  The only ride I do remember riding that day was the Barrel Ride.  You get in this big barrel with about 20 others.  It starts spinning and then the floor drops out.  Because you are spinning, you are forced against the wall and you stick there.  It was the first and only time I rode it.  So it is a great memory I have from when I was 11.
Mrs. Massey
In high school my French class took a trip to Quebec. I remember being amazed at the city, and sightseeing was so much fun. Several of my friends went, and we had fun staying up late and talking.
Mrs. Christensen
I’ve been on a lot of school trips.  In 6th grade I went to the Cleveland Zoo and Rainforest.  It was my first time ever seeing a rainforest and I loved it!  When I was in 10th grade we went to Toronto, Canada to watch Phantom of the Opera.   It was so cold out and we had to change into dress clothes on the bus!   It was my first time ever being there and they have a under ground mall.   I went back to Toronto for my senior class trip.  We explored the Rodgers Center where the Blue Jays play, did Medieval Times, went up the CN tower, explored Castle Loma and took a night dinner cruise on the lake.   It was a great trip!    I also went to DC in 11th grade to play my trumpet in the band at Union Station.  We also went to Arlington to present a wreath to the Unknown Solider and it was my first time seeing the Declaration of Independence.
Mrs. Brozich
I remember going to the Pittsburgh Zoo when I was in 4th grade.  The whole day was a lot of fun…until the very end when my best friend and I were late getting back to our bus.  I don’t know what the teachers in charge of the trip were doing, but the bus started pulling out of the zoo parking lot without us!  My friend and I had to run after the bus, waving our arms to get them to stop!  It was pretty funny to us at the time, but now as an adult, I really wonder why they would have started to leave without all of their students accounted for?! I guess because it was the ‘80s…LOL!
Mrs. Hayes
A memorable field trip I went on while in school was Camp Fitch in 5th grade.  I remember different stations/games I got to participate in and the card games I got to play with the high school counselors.  I remember feeding the horses and having fun with my friends.  I remember it was an amazing and fun field trip!
Mrs. Spencer
My favorite trip that I went on when I was in school, not that long ago ;)…, was when my field biology class visited a fish hatchery in Erie.  We had to put on hip waders and catch fish with nets in a stream.  The fish were huge! It was hilarious! Everyone was falling and missing the fish.  I don’t want to give too many details, but we were catching them for spawning purposes.  It was quite a process… and very informative.  It also helped me realize that this was not a job I would want to do on a daily basis.
Mrs. Lerch
There were not many opportunities for me to go on trips sponsored by the school.  We did go on field trips, but there were no multi-day trips available.  The only one I did go on was with my high school volleyball team.  We went to Penn State for a weekend to watch the United States Olympic team play in an exhibition game against China.  It was certainly a memorable experience!
Although the opportunities were limited, I was fortunate to be able to go on three summer trips with a local youth group.  It was not affiliated with school, but all of my school friends went, so I have some wonderful memories of those trips.  While in high school, we went to Toronto, Boston, and Washington, D.C.  These summer trips were not only fun, but very educational!  I think that’s why I am such a fan of the school trips provided at GM.  It’s important for students to explore beyond the classroom walls and see other places outside their hometowns.
Mrs. Lafata 
Back in 1971, life was much simpler. In the neighborhood, I lived, and grade school I attended it was rare to hear of families going on vacation. Many fathers worked two jobs and mothers stayed home with their children.
So, our eighth grade field trip was an exciting day!  We went to Niagara Falls and rode in a Greyhound bus. We sang songs on the bus ride and talked to one another. We brought a packed lunch and stopped on the way, at a rest stop, for an early lunch. Since, passports were not needed, we went to visit the Falls on both the American and Canadian sides. Many of my classmates had never seen the Falls before! We also rode the Maid of the Mist, and laughed when we got soaked! Then, we went to visit Fort Niagara.
On the ride home we stopped at McDonald’s for supper.  Back in 1971, McDonald’s was very different. It did not have “super sizing”, a drive thru and there was no seating area. The only choices were hamburgers or cheeseburgers There was just a counter area to place your order and then take your food with you. So, we sat outside on the curb and ate our meal. I remember it cost 59 cents, which included tax, for a hamburger, french fries and an orange drink. This was a very special treat, not a staple, like it is today.
We arrived back to Erie, PA, tired, but very happy, with many memories of our eighth grade field trip to Niagara Falls.\
Mr. Triola
We didn’t go on many field trips that I remember.  I think the trip that sticks in my mind the most was a trip to Drakes Well.  I liked that we were not in school for the day, that was the best part.  I also liked seeing the historic site were the oil industry was born.  Going down to Drakes’ Well on the bus was a huge adventure for us.  We got to hike in the hills and picnic at a park and then visit a train yard.  At the time it was amazing to be able to get to do all that!