Principal for the day

Principal for the day

December 10, 2019

Lucas’s five quick questions

October 10, 2018

These are my five quick questions: Grant Cunningham 1 What is your favorite sports team = Browns 2 What is your favorite food = steak 3 What is your favorite animal for a pet = dog 4 Centipedes or spiders = spiders 5 Peanut butte...

Libby’s 5 Quick Questions

Libby Weiss, Editor

October 5, 2018

The questions for this week are... Q: What’s your favorite sport? Q: What is your favorite desert? Q: What’s your favorite color? Q: What’s your favorite type of music? Q: What’s your favorite food? Here...

The Good at JWPMS

The Good at JWPMS

November 13, 2017