2018-2019 Staff

Gurneet Kaur


This is Gurneet’s first year with the Lancer Messenger!  Gurneet is a 6th grade living, walking, breathing meme. She is currently learning Japanese. She also loves learning about Asian culture since she is South Asian.  Gurneet...

Michael Lyle-Yucha


This is Michael’s first year on the Lancer Messenger.  He has 1 dog as a pet, he also loves playing video games.  His favorite classes are math and science.  He recently did a 23andMe kit and found out He is 46.1% French...

Eva Kyanvash


  Eva Kyanvash loves music and makes art in her own way. She enjoys the hot sun at the beach, and also loves the outdoors. She likes to inspire her friends and peers to have a new path to follow. She tries her best t...

Sienna Griffith


This is Sienna’s first year with the Lancer Messenger.  She is a 12 year old who enjoys swimming, traveling, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite animal is a parrot and she wants one when she grows up.  She also enjoys...

Cole Montanye


This is Cole’s first year of Lancer Messenger.  Cole loves Fortnite,  Subnatica, and he loves summer.  Cole is in band.  He loves it and plays the saxophone.

Isabella Johnson


This is Bella Johnson it’s her first year in lancer messenger. She is in 6th grade and her favorite class is math. She enjoys playing soccer and playing with her dogs. In her free time she spends time with her family and friends....

Morgan Cormier


  This is Morgan’s first year in lancer messenger. She is in 6th grade and her favorite class is language arts. Her favorite sport is soccer, and she has 2 siblings. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends...

Ellyse Hoppe


This is Ellyse’s first year of Lancer Messenger.  Her favorite sport is swim team with the Blue Dolphins, and her fastest 50 free time is 32.21 seconds.  Her mom works as a teacher at Gannon University and her dad is an An...

Caitlin Preston


This is Caitlin’s first year with the Lancer Messenger.  She is a sixth grader and her favorite classes are Science, Social Studies, and Art.  Her hobbies are drawing, writing, and listening to Panic!  At The Disco, Imagine...

Raelee Salusky


  This is Raelee’s first year with Lancer Messenger. She plays soccer and does dance. Raelee also has 4 siblings who would love to be like her some day. In her free time she likes to run, play soccer, and beat h...

Hudson Spires


This is Hudson’s first year with the Lancer Messenger.  Hudson  is a sixth grader that plays sports.  Hudson  is 12 years old.   Hudson’s sister is a dun-dee.   Hudson’s  number for sports is 33.   Hudson has a pet...

Libby opp


This is Libby’s first year with the lancer messenger.  She enjoys basketball and lacrosse.  Dosen't like to read on her free time. She also has a pet giraffe.

Owen Eisert


This is Owen Eisert’s first year with the Lancer Messenger. He is in 6th Grade and loves to play sports. Owen plays football, basketball and baseball. For football he plays for the Edinboro Lancers. His favorite subject in school...

Bryce Mulligan


This is Bryce’s first year in lancer messenger.  Bryce is in 6th grade and loves to play many sports.  Bryce plays for the Edinboro Lancers.  He loves to play baseball.  Bryce is very in to space and could learn anything...

Kendra Kope


This is Kendra Kope’s first year as a member of the Lancer Messenger.  In her extra time she loves to flip and fall on her head.  Although she has not yet broken her bones by these acts she will keep trying until she has mastered...

Libby Weiss


This is Libby Weiss’ first year in the Lancer Messenger.  She rides horses and enjoys competing on horseback.  Her horse, Oreo, is a crazy 14 year old that loves to buck and try to get her off her back. Daisy, Libby’s 10...

Stella Bridger


This is her first year doing Lancer Messenger.  She is a 6 grader at James W Parker middle school.  She enjoys riding her four horses, and competing  in horseback riding with her favorite horse Buckshot.   She is not allergic...

Madison Cormier


This is Madison’s first year with the Lancer Messanger. Shes in sixth grade. She’s loves to play soccer, her best friend is Raelee Salusky. She also loves to draw. She dream someday is to fly if that could ever happen..............

Alex Clark


This is Alex’s first year with the lancer messenger. He is a sixth grader. He plays  baseball , basketball, and football. His number for sports is  #5. He has pet donkey. In his free time he plays sports.

Ainsley Puller


This is Ainsley’s first year with the Lancer Messenger! She has never written with a green pencil when doing her homework. She has smelled red dust and cannot say cinnamon. In fourth grade she was voted most likely to trvel...



This is Luke’s first year with the Lancer Messenger. In his spare time he likes to play FortNite and hang out with friends. He likes to listen to pop, country, and rock. He likes to race dirt bikes. His favorite food is deer...



This is Lilly’s first year on the Lancer Messanger.  She has a small YouTube channel called CheezitVlogz and it has 1,892 subscribers currently.  She has two English bulldogs, one named Boss and Gracie.  In her free time,...

Mr. Sturgess


This is Mr. Sturgess’ third year as full time editor of the Lancer Messenger. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his children, Noah (7th Grade) and Ella (5th Grade).  He also likes to hang out with friends and play...



This is Abraham’s first year at Lancer Messenger and first year at this school. He loves to hunt and fish. His favorite food it pizza and he loves ice cream. He has six siblings and gets annoyed sometimes.