8th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament

Payton Massey

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At 2:05 Sitting in math class, language arts, science, or social studies were the 8th grade girls who play basketball. Waiting for the clock to hit 2:10 so we could get on the road and head up to northeast where we had a basketball tournament. The tournament was double illumination, which means if you lose two games you’re out. The whole day had been filled with excitement and nervousness. Finally the announcement came on and we were dismissed. We all went to the locker room and grabbed our bags, got on the bus, and were ready to play.
First we played northwestern, They are a good team and it was quite the battle. First we were winning, then they were winning. It went back-and-forth for a while and then we took the lead. Right before the end of the game one of our best players hurt her wrist, and had to come out of the game. We had to finish the game without her but in the end we won. Everyone was extremely happy that we won that game, but right away it was onto the next, we had about 10 minutes and then we had to play Fairview. It was a long game and we ended up losing, Fairview had won. After this game we had to get on our awesome minibus and drive down to the high school where we played Iroquois, we were all very tired. We played hard and ended up winning. Then comes our longest break which was about 15 minutes. By this time, we were all very tired and hungry, we had had no dinner. All of us just wanted to go to bed, but we had another game to play, we had to play Cory. Cory‘s team is very good and they’re all very tall. We battled through the game but ended up losing. Everyone was very sad and there was much emotion, for that was the last game that we will play as a team, because next comes high school.
The whole team packed everything up, back on the bus. By then it was about 9:20. We had played four games right in a row. We had had no break. We were all tired, hungry, And were dreading going to school the next day. We stopped at Wendy’s to grab some food. The bus ride back to school was fun but, everyone was very sad. We made the best of it and laughed the whole way home. When it came to this team, we were more than just a team. We all woke up early in the summer and came to the school to practice. We practiced hard almost every day after school, and even on Saturdays. We had to get up early on Saturdays and come and practice. We were more than just a team, we were a family and will always be. Even though the season is over, and next year will play high school basketball, which is scarier than it sounds, we will always be a family.

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8th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament