2019-2020 Staff

Jacob Locke

This is Jacob and it is his first year on the Lancer Messenger team. He enjoys Woodworking, playing sports and skydiving. He likes hanging out with his friends. Lately he has been working on his LEGO fun park.

Cooper Dylewski

This is Cooper’s first year in lancer messenger and he likes to play soccer with his two teams, be with his friends, and he likes to go diving in the Bahamas.

Emma Walker

This is Emma’s first year at Lancer Messenger.She enjoys playing soccer and basketball and loves spending time with family and friends.She loves to go parasailing.

Alex Fedchik

This Alex’s first year on the lancer messenger. He enjoys making and building things (especially with Legos.) in his free time, he also plays video games and plays piano. He also plays volleyball a lot.

Ella Crouse

This is Ella’s first year working on the lancer messenger. Some thing she likes to do in her free time are drawing and skiing. She loves hanging out with her family and friends.

Ella Sturgess

This is Ella’s first year at Lancer Messenger. She enjoys basketball, softball, and spending time with friends and family. If you see her braiding hair, it is because she is her friends hair stylist.

Kiara Smith

This is Kiara. It is her first year at Lancer Messenger. She enjoys gymnastics, running, and hanging out with her friends. If you see her doing a stupid dance it’s probably because she beat somebody at something.

Gio Masone

This is Gio’s first year at lancer messenger. He enjoys playing soccer, the drums, running and, listening to music. I also like to swim in snow.

Ben Bashline

This is Ben’s first year at Lancer Messenger. He loves to swim and likes going to the gym. These are just a few hobbies. He also has a dog that is probably one of his favorite things in the world other than his family. Video...

Hayden Chong

This is Hayden’s first year on Lancer Messenger. He likes to play video games, ride horses, and bike. If you see him showing nocturnal behaviors, that’s completely normal.

Harleigh Iarussi

This is Harleigh’s first year on lancer messenger. She likes making tiktoks and playing with her dogs. She loves food especially cake and Starbucks. Lastly she loves hanging out with her friends that are just as weird as her.

Holly Goodwill

Holly is on her first year on lancer messenger. She loves food especially Chinese food. She also likes to play with her dogs Buddy and Coco . Lastly, she enjoys her job working for a store, but not any store, a cheese store.

Kenna Shaut

This is Kenna. This is her first year with the Lancer Messenger. She enjoys spending time with her dad’s girlfriend’s daughter, Alauna, (the darker-haired girl), and her cat, Murry. She loves making crafts and painting. In...

Charlie Salvo


This is Charlie, it is his first year in Lancer Messenger. He like to play baseball and basketball, and run cross country and snowboard. Also, he loves to play sports with his brother, and play on his ps4.  

Emma Dubynskiy


This is Emma’s first year in Lancer Messenger. She likes to read, write, and play piano. If you see her being competitive, it’s because She does not want to humiliate herself and lose.

Maddison LaRiccia


This is Maddison’s first year of lancer messenger. She enjoys reading, science and being outside. She also enjoys swimming even though she can’t.

Jordan Cannon


This is Jordan’s first year with lancer messenger. He likes to play sports like baseball, basketball, and football. This year for his travel baseball team, Mclane Thunder, he hit his first home run.

Abbie Gula


This is Abbie’s first year with the Lancer  messenger. She enjoys crafting, eating , and cheering. She also loves to hang out with family and friends. Her favorite subject is science and Language Arts. If u ever see Abbie...

Lexie Radtke


This Lexie’s first year with the Lancer Messenger. She enjoys basketball, cheer, and softball! She also enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. Her favorite subjects in school are science and math! One fun fact about...

Ella Vandenberg


This is Ella. This is her first year with Lancer Messenger. She likes to go on hikes and discover new things. Lastly, she enjoys class with her science teacher, Mr. Sturgess.

Delaney Brunner


This is Delaney’s first year as Lancer messenger. She enjoys snowboarding and drawing. One fun fact about Delaney is that she loves fruit.

Liam Webber


This is Liam’s first year in the Lancer Messenger. He REALLY likes to fish.  He is very good at it. He also swims competitively. He is very good at swimming, too.  He has made it to Districts two years in a row and is looking...

Ryan Moran


This is Ryan’s first year of Lancer Messenger. He run’s Cross Country, he also ski’s, and play the drums, piano, and  xylophone. He like’s to bake  but will not cook unless he has  to.

Daniel Sychuk


This is Daniel Sychuk’s first year with lancer massager. He likes to play basketball and is very good at it. He also likes the Los Angeles Lakers. And loves to travel to different places  

Carter Sindlinger


This is Carter’s first year with the Lancer Massager. He likes to play many sports mainly soccer. I play for the Erie Admirals Soccer Club. If you see a piece of plastic PICK IT UP to save the turtles.



This is Jackson Kiser’s first year with the Lancer Messenger. He likes to play baseball, basketball and cross country. This year for my travel baseball team the Mclane Thunder, we turned a triple play!



This is Gus’s first year with Lancer Messenger. He likes to play soccer and baseball.  Fun fact, he started playing soccer at 2 years old.

Johnathan Kavelish


This is Johnathan Kavelish’s first year with the lancer messenger. He likes to play soccer and video games. He really enjoys going to Florida. He has been there four times.

Abe Schoenfeldt


This is Abe’s first year with lancer messenger, he likes to draw, snowboard, write stories, and watch comedies, and action movies. He likes to watch Parks and Recreation. He likes to play board games and watch YouTube. He liked...

Kyle McConnell


This is Kyle’s first year with the Lancer Messenger. He plays sports such as football, baseball, and wrestling and likes play video games, making jokes, and the outdoors. He can’t swim and as a huge fear of the water. You...

Cameron Ashbaugh


This is Cameron Ashbaugh this is his first year with lancer messenger he plays soccer, and football, he also likes to play video games like fortnite and other games.

Mr. Sturgess

Editor / Student Advisor

This is Mr. Sturgess’ fourth year in charge of the Lancer Messenger. In his spare time he also coaches basketball and softball, plays golf, and enjoys outside activities like hiking with his children. He has been teaching Life...